Atlantic Festival & New Years Eve

Madeira Fireworks

Every year the winner of the Atlantic Festival gets the contract for the New Years Eve Fireworks Display. In 2007 Macedos helped to get Madeira Fireworks in the Guinness Book of Records for the largest firework display in the world.

The Atlantic Festival is organised by the Regional Tourism board and takes place every Saturday of the month of June. Madeira Fireworks Festival takes place at the marina in Funchal, at 22h30. Each pyromusical show, lasts about 20 minutes, and attracts big crouds down to the bay of Funchal to witness this spectacle of light and colour. The best spot to watch this magical pyrotechnical show, is from the sea. You get a clear perspective of the whole synchronised show, that is happening in front and above you. The price per person for the Atlantic is € 30 per person and can be seen form any one of the catamarans as well as the Santa Maria Pirate boat.

The price for the New Years Eve spectacle is € 125 per person and includes snacks and champagne. There is also a bar and toilets on board. The boats will leave at 22h30 for a short trip out to sea and get back at 01h00 after the show. For this booking payment will have to made online. Use the link below or above to make your booking and we will send you an invoice with payment instructions. This reservation can be made on one of the following boat: VMT Catamaran, Santa Maria Pirate boat and on the Ocean Limit Turkish Gulet.

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