Madeira Catamaran

Madeira CatamaranThe most popular Madeira boat tours is by Catamaran. Madeira Catamaran is a company that owns two catamarans called “Sea the Best” and “Sea Pleasure”. They specialize on searching for dolphins and whales and will give you a free ride if you do not get to see anything when you go out with them. The chances of you being able to see dolphins or whales are 95%. This boat tour takes about 3 hours and goes out twice a day, every day.

Madeira Pirate Boat

Pirate BoatOne of the most photographed boats or ship, is the Santa Maria de Colombo, otherwise known as the Pirate Ship, which is the exact replica of Christopher Columbus boat, build in 1998.This trip has an adventures feeling about it, as one can almost feel how it was when the island was discovered 500 odd years ago.

Rota dos Cetaceos

Rota dos Cetaceos“Rota dos Cetáceos” is a company that specialises in the observation of dolphins and whales. In fact they guarantee that you will see either dolphins or whales. If not, you will get another free ride! Their team consists of marine biologists that accompany the trips and will be able to answer any questions regarding the observation of the various types of sea mammals that visit our waters.
Trips are made in fast, semi-riged type boats with a capacity for 12 people. With these types of boats they can assure that you get out to the dolphins and whales in the shortest possible time. They are also the only company that offers swimming with dolphins in Madeira.

Madeira Glass Bottom Boat

Glass BottomThe Beluga submarine is the only glass bottom boat in Madeira. This trimaran has a central cabin that is semi submerged and has 8 glass panels which allow underwater vision. This glass bottom boat does two daily trips towards the east side of the island where the natural marine reserve of Garajau is situated.

Ventura do Mar

Ventura do MarHere is a good old fashioned boat, called “Ventura do Mar”, that will take you out to the desertas islands for the day. A chance to see the worlds rarest seal and to explore this natural park. The trip to the islands lasts 3.5 hours and you get the chance to see dolphins and whales. This is a whole day event and the price includes a meal at lunch time and all drinks. This trip is normally done on Fridays and you can also go out to see dolphins and whales, either in the morning or the afternoon, on any other day of the week. They also organise diving trips to the Desertas islands and at the most eastern point of Madeira, Ponta do São Lourenço. For bird watching enthusiasts, they also do specialised birdwatching trips.