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We are official booking agents for all boat trips in Funchal. We make live reservations for all boats departing from Funchal.
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5 – 10 % discount on all boat trips booked online.

You only need to pay a small deposit to secure the booking and the rest you will pay on the day of the trip. If the boat does not go out due to bad weather etc. we will return the deposit on the same day.

  • Madeira Fireworks

    Madeira Catamaran

    Morning & Afternoon trips € 32 p.p.

  • Madeira Pirate Boat

    Santa Maria Pirate Boat

    Morning & Afternoon trips € 33 p.p.

  • Madeira Dolphin Swim

    Rota dos Cetaceos

    Morning & Afternoon trips € 45 p.p.

  • Madeira Desertas Island Tour

    Desertas Islands Tour

    Ventura boat trips € 75 p.p.

  • Madeira Glass Bottom Boat

    Glass Bottom Boat

    Morning & Afternoon trips € 30 p.p.

  • Ventura Dolphin Trip

    Ventura Dolphin trip

    Morning & Afternoon trips € 27 p.p.

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Boat tours in Madeira

Most offer trips to go out and see the dolphins and whales. There is a variety of Madeira boats that offer half day and full day cruises along the south end of the island. Boat tours in Madeira are available both in the morning and afternoon, every single day of the year except on Christmas day. A variety of dolphins and whales can be observed during the course of the year, in Madeira.

  • Fireworks

    Madeira Fireworks

    During the month of June the Atlantic Fireworks Festival can be obeserved from a number of our boats. Likewise at the end of the year there is no better place to observe the fireworks display, while sipping on a glass of champagne.

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  • Marine Life

    Marine Life

    Whales and dolphins visit the waters of Madeira right through the year. On all Madeira boat trips you get the chance to see different species at different times of the year. There are boat tours daily both in the morning and in the afternoon.

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  • Dolphin Swim

    Dolphin Swim

    Swimming with wild dolphins in Madeira is an experience second to none. Due to the fact that Madeira’s water tempareture is always warm enough to swim without a wet suite, allows one to enjoy this activity at any time of the year.

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Desertas Islands

Desertas Islands MadeiraAbout 15 miles southeast of Madeira, lies 3 uninhabited islands know as the Desertas Islands. On most days they are visible from most parts of Funchal. These islands are a natural reserve protecting one of the rarest species of seals, known as the monk seal, It is also a sanctuary to a variety of sea bird, some which are indigenous to the islands. The Desertas, offers an amazing scenery of coloured rocks, dramatic sea cliffs and caves. This full day excursion is is a must for all boat lovers, bird watching enthusiasts and those that are looking for fun surrounded by nature.
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Cruise Ship Tourists

Cruise Ship Tourists
Madeira has a big number of tourists arriving by cruise ships. Luckily the majority arrive at around 8.00 in the morning allowing enough time to go out on most of our boat tours to observe dolphins and whales, up close and personal. Most morning boat trips leave at 10.30 in the morning from the marina which is exactly opposite the harbour and within walking distance. The boat trips return by 13.30 giving all those wishing to go and see or swim with wild dolphins, more than enough time to do so.
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